Welcome Message

Welcome to the 1st ASEAN Congress for Family Medicine Educators!

The Foundation for Family Medicine Education, Inc. continuously seeks avenue for educators in family medicine to share their experiences and best practices to enhance family medicine programs at all levels.

With the challenges posed by globalization and integration of countries to promote efficient process in wide variety of transactions including the field of medicine, holding an international conference like this is necessary.

In the midst of health reforms towards universality of health care that makes relevant health services accessible to all and with the emphasis on a strong primary care, family medicine has to be in the forefront in making it possible and embed ourselves in the health system to be truly the gatekeepers. This can be done through an informed curriculum with global standards that is contextualized with the local needs. Educators who are also attuned to the trends and technologies of education that are shared in the other parts of the world would enliven such educational framework.

It is the hope of the organization that through the faculty development programs and conferences that we offer, our graduates who shall benefit from a competent family medicine educators will be able to provide quality and safe health care in the different areas that they are engaged in.

In this conference, the active participation of resident trainees was one of the key considerations to make educational process adaptable, progressive and meaningful for them.

Interaction and collaboration during the conference is also fostered with the different tracks of the congress – trainers, lay-educators and residents aside from the use of convention app MECCA to enhance networking and internet-presence.

Be ready to exchange your views during the sessions and through twitter!

Enjoy and together we build one world of family medicine education in ASEAN and beyond.


Yours truly,