What is FAMed?

The Foundation for Family Medicine Educators (FAMed) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the teaching of the Family and Community Medicine to medical students and resident physician trainees in the Philippines. In order to carry out this task, the organization conducts conventions every year in order to increase the knowledge and skills of educators in Family and Community Medicine so that they can perform the vital task of training doctors to attend to the needs of Filipino families all over the country. In between conventions, FAMed can, upon request, give half-day or one-day workshops to members in the different regions. Some of the workshop topics that have already been given are listed below:

  • The Correct Way Of Making Test Questions
  • How To Evaluate Skills
  • How To Evaluate Attitudes
  • Mentoring and Learning Portfolios
  • Program Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design
  • Bedside Teaching Methods
  • Teaching Counseling Skills

FAMed also provides consultancy for Family Medicine residency programs seeking to maintain or to raise their level of accreditation by the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians.


Who may apply?

Anyone involved in the teaching of Family and Community Medicine may apply for membership.

Do I have to be a Doctor to apply?

No. For as long as you are teaching Family and Community Medicine, you are qualified to be a member.

Can Resident Physician Trainees apply?

Yes, because residents have a teaching function in their institutions. All residents teach medical students and senior residents teach junior residents.